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100 jose dating profile

His body is a patchwork of medical magic: Artificial knees, an artificial shoulder and a surgically repaired back.After 18 operations, Plunkett’s activities have been reduced to golf and light workouts at home on a Crosstrainer.For example, Plunkett is lively with friends or at autograph signings but returns home exhausted. Her unease is supported by a new report by doctors at Boston University School of Medicine and the VA Boston Healthcare System.

Then he played four years at Stanford, appearing in 32 games.He wants to help make football safer so it doesn’t disappear because of fears over concussions.Plunkett even hopes his 5-year-old grandson wants to play.A year after Plunkett retired, NFL officials began addressing ways to protect their most valuable asset as quarterbacks were getting injured at an alarming rate. Plunkett recalls suffering at least 10 concussions dating to high school. Back then, NFL officials asked players who got knocked out their name, who they were playing and how many fingers they were holding up.They prohibited pass rushers from taking two steps before smashing into a signal caller after the ball had been thrown. Her husband has exhibited growing signs of symptoms of traumatic brain injury in the past few years.

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“I don’t care what team anybody is on whoever is getting hurt, you don’t cheer.”After everything he has endured, Plunkett wants to help educate teenage football players on how to deal with head injuries.

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