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“And the more likely that teachers were to think the student was Black, the more likely they were to perceive his misbehavior as indicative of a pattern.” The results of this report hold weighty implications for education reformers.The effects of a suspension on a child’s academic career—indeed, his life as a whole—could potentially be cataclysmic; it disrupts learning in the event and correlates with delayed academic advancement down the line.I felt I could really benefit from a to-do list I could access anywhere, as opposed to trying to remember all the things I have to do and write them out on scraps of paper, which I always lose.” Experience: “I did a pretty good job about putting deadlines in, entering my tasks, and updating them as necessary.I normally don’t remember to check the app every day, but what it has over a lot of similar to do list apps is it send me an email 24 hours ahead of a due date reminding me it’s a thing—I was pleasantly surprised to find an email update reminding me of something I had to have sent to the printer by the end of the day in my inbox in the morning.This also then made me think next time I have a similar task, I can try to beat my last score.I then created two playlists and used them to determine how long I put into each small project or assignment.I would add that a lot depends on the type of user and what their work is like to begin with.

The second experiment replicated the conditions of the first, with the addition of an even more disquieting element.They then asked the teachers to describe how “troubled” they felt (a composite measure indicating their degree of irritation, the perceived severity of the infraction, and how great a hindrance they felt it would be to their teaching) after reading about each instance.The results speak for themselves: When a student with a stereotypically black name had a second minor transgression, those surveyed felt significantly more troubled, more likely to recommend a harsher punishment, and more likely to deem him a “troublemaker” than after his first disruption.While I think it offers some good visualizations as to how a person is using their time, it ultimately became yet another tool that I had to worry about keeping on top of.In my situation, it didn’t really help with productivity, it just became another task to deal with.

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This time, participants were asked whether they could imagine suspending the hypothetical students at some point in the future.

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