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She liked me for about a year or so and then I finally gave in and asked her out on a date.

Her and I were friends with the same group of friends and they teased us all the time.

Long story short we have been together 2 years in March 2013. Love her to pieces but dont know how she really feels.

Hottest videos online to present smashing babes when enduring deepthroat oral moments. We quickly became friends and I fell hopelessly in love with her, after about to weeks of going on dates and hanging out I found the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. Anyway back to the topic, after I was dumped I met this gorgeous young girl a year older them me with the most striking green eyes I still to this day have ever seen.Into beach, massage, swimming, surfing, hiking, gardening and binge watching Netflix. I do not choose to share this personal f'ing information. Fairly newly single after a long term relationship.And OMFG don't get me started about having to specify la... Into most anything sexually except scat, blood, and extreme pain. I'm more than ready to really jump into exploring the fun of my sexuality now!

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we are in year 10 now and we are still together.” – Tyler “My first experience with a woman.. I was in love with her for so long before we actually got together, and damn she was so amazing. She is, to this day, the only girl Ive been with, and we recently broke up.

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