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Chinese calendar dating

If your reputation matters to you more than usual, this is no reason for dispersing yourself in all the lunches, receptions, awards and after-work you've been invited to.Your ambition will always be better served by the focus and studious regularity that you will be able to maintain in your daily life, both at work and at home.Dragon’s monthly Chinese horoscope in December 2017In love, the Dragon shouldn't hope for more than what one might wish to give him.During the month of December 2017, provided that he takes the time to think and organize himself before embarking on a new professional project, the Dragon can expect a brilliant success in the months to come.It is time to make peace with your enemies and the people in your family with whom you are currently on bad terms, as it is never too early to make good resolutions for the coming new year of 2018.Like all Pigs, the Metal Pig is not famous for his sense of diplomacy.Snake’s monthly Chinese horoscope in December 2017The Snake will blossom all the better if he avoids going out of his house too often.Nobody but himself deserves his wise advice, especially during a Metal Pig's Month, a fanciful and festive period of which he disapproves the superficiality.

His creativity is expressed in both his kitchen and his bedroom.

Horse’s monthly Chinese horoscope in December 2017The Horse must avoid any excess and think of the consequences of his actions before acting.

In view of the end of year festivities and once is not customary, the Horse discovers the virtues of buying gifts for others than himself.

His openness and direct approach to others, if they are to his credit, are often sources of trouble for him.

Thus, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac should avoid entering into endless debates or addressing sensitive topics during December 2017.

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The Pig himself is a Chinese zodiac animal whose stable element is Water, but his presence as the zodiac sign of the month will not suffice to allay tensions.

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