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The Space stompbox continued with some of the finest reverb algorithms available in any format. With their entry into pedal based effects processing, Eventide went from being a renowned studio recording heavyweight to one of the world leaders in stompbox effects in only a few short years.

Now they’re set to revolutionize the way the world thinks about effects all over again with the H9.

Eventide has come a long way since pioneering pitch shifting in the 1970’s with their first Harmonizer rack units, the most famous being the H910 and H949.

Their innovation continued with the release of such gems as the H3000 Harmonizer in the late 80’s which many guitarists may recognize for its appearance on Steve Vai’s Ballerina 12/24 from Passion and Warfare.

All of Eventide’s stompbox algorithms and their associated presets are available for in-app purchase.

And like an alien artifact, it packs unimaginable power within.

Thanks to the H9 and the Resonator algorithm, guitarists can now produce very musical, comb-filtered, resonant sounds and etherial sound effects no other stompbox pedal can achieve.

The Tape Echo and Vintage Delay algorithms offer 2 different variations of classic delay effects.

Also, being able to change the spacing of the taps by off-setting them and having them speed up or slow down is very interesting.

The BOUNCING BALL preset provides a great example of this while capturing the sound of its namesake very well.

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