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Dating culture in iceland

'Per capita' is one of the most used phrases in Iceland.

Icelanders, with just over 300,000 people, suffer from a small nation complex, and to make up for it, we claim we are in fact 'The Best Country in the World' for a number of reasons.

There is nothing sexual or perverse about it; most people just get naked, showered, and on with it.

If the thought of it embarrasses you, the best course of action is definitely to simply grit your teeth, close your eyes and do it, as there are few things less humiliating than an Icelander demanding you take your clothes off and wash more thoroughly in front of a room of strangers.

If you want to immerse yourself in the culture and do the same, make sure that the hot pool you are going to doesn't have anyone else in it (you can't expect everyone to be as free-spirited as yourself), and that is safe to bathe in.

Some geothermal waters have bacteria that are harmful to your health, while others, such as Grj´´´´otagjá, have an unpredictable temperature and entry is forbidden.

Sick of images of breastfeeding and innocent nudity be censored, and of female nipples only appearing in the media in gratuitously sexual and/or violent situations, thousands of women walked through the streets and took to social media with their chests bare, as confidently as men, who can show their respective parts almost anywhere at almost any time.You may well have to accept the fact that in your travels through the incredible Icelandic nature, you may have to endure seeing an exposed breast or two.It's hardly the worst concession one can make while travelling.Icelanders also have the strongest men per capita, having had two individuals win the World's Strongest Man. Iceland regularly tops lists for the most gender equal country in the world, and fights with just a few other nations to be the safest, most LGBTQ friendly, the cleanest, and the most naturally beautiful.Icelanders even have the world's most Noble Prize winners per capita, in spite of only having one, as one in 300,000 is still the world's best ratio of Nobel laureates compared to normal people. Icelanders have the best handball team in the world per capita, produce most music and bands in the world per capita, and read and write the most books per capita. Photo from M´ývatn Off Road Super Jeep Tour Foreigners that come to Iceland seem to be very perplexed over the scale of many of the vehicles.

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Of course, sea-swimming should only be done in safe areas, as the waters of the North Atlantic are treacherous.

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