Eastern europeean dating

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Eastern europeean dating

So, I asked her why she brought it up if she wasn’t intending to tell me, and she said that she’ll talk to me another time.At this point, I’m thinking to myself that I need to get rid of her.I’m not standing for this shit and she’s pulled a similar stunt a couple of other times.I’ll get her round at the weekend and end things with her.

I talked her back inside and we talked about her court thing, and as she told me it, she started crying. It was a hard sight for me, she’s an innocent, sweet girl that was giving everything to me and I’d treated her marginally better than I would a fuck buddy.There was a time-bomb waiting to explode in this relationship at the end of the year anyway when I leave London to go traveling.She was aware of it, and we both knew that it would be a lot worse to break up then than to break up sooner.She’d started saying “no” to me and being cold with me after I didn’t reply to one of her texts the night before. On Friday, I was expecting her to come round and she texted me at about 4pm saying she didn’t know if she was coming or not and that she had at least 10 reasons not to.I told her not to come and that we should stop seeing each other because this is the third time she’d done this to me and I could tell if we carried on, it’s just going to keep happening again and again.

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