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You definitely know they like you when they share things with you.******The easiest and smartest way to stay on #Scorpio's good side is to always keep it real with them.♏******#Scorpio loves to keep people guessing, which is why they hardly reveal anything about themselves.✋♏******#Scorpio does not know how to be fake, nor will they ever try to be. They'll be the best you ever have.******#Scorpio is the most loyal sign of the Zodiac.♏******No sign is more difficult to understand than a #Scorpio.******#Scorpio's have trust issues. #Ride Or Die******When you've upset #Scorpio, you'll know it.

For most of us Christmas is a family affair, is the time of the year when everyone is going home (wherever that may be...).

We should lighten up (though it's easier said than done)!

♏******#Scorpio could care less what you think, especially if you're not in their immediate circle.

If you pass, you'll share a deep bond for life.******#Scorpio is turned off by people who lack a sense of passion and devotion, especially in love-relationships.******#Scorpio has to be in a power position.******A #Scorpio, can rise above past hurts, maintaining their inner peace and achieving great heights of spiritual and emotional development.******#Scorpio women are hot ladies!

****** #Scorpio and #Pisces Compatibility: High******The #Scorpio Woman: She's the lady of the zodiac that acts like a woman, but thinks like a man.

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They'll be the best you ever have.******#Scorpio’s know when someone is lying.******#Scorpio is a suspiciousness woman.******#Scorpio remembers all their anger and will wait for the perfect pay back time.******A #Scorpio can sense fakeness from a mile away.******#Scorpio - What you'll wear to a late night summer carnival with Liam L9t DR******Dating a #Scorpio female?