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Judge Roth dissented, beginning: Were we writing on a blank slate, it would be within the prerogative of the Majority to decide this case as it does. The precise question that we examine here, whether NJ Transit is an “arm of the state” entitled to Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity,” we have already fully considered and resolved en banc in Fitchik v. Thus, stare decisis, principles of estoppel, and our own Internal Operating Procedures all require that we decline the invitation to overrule Fitchik.For this reason, I respectfully dissent from Part III of the majority opinion.Hi Bill F - may I recommend the GB archives to you?

Some terrific writers here too, so I hope you'll have a look.

I remember seeing a program some years ago on PBS about the link between the Native Americans and skyscrapers.

As a person who gets edgy and dizzy on a stepladder I can't even begin to imagine that kind of courage.

Wonderful fretless bass playing by the fellow on the bass as well.

Location: CT Web: My link Subject: Atlantic City - Amy Helm Link above is a recent live performance of Amy Helm with the Cris Jacobs Band doing a nice version of 'Atlantic City'.

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It is called "White Wolf Pack" the Mohawks who built Manhattan. Location: Pacific Northwest Subject: The Bridge I remember the day it happened. Lisa, just the name of the song and then think of the "Steel Men" and what they do. The song had to sound hard and tough and stand out. Thru' the years I have listened to first hand accounts of workers who survived it and witnesses. There are stories and people have tried to discover what it is with those Indian fellows from back east who are "Steel Men".