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Looking for sex talk

Even some of her patients who are pretty open about sex end up being surprised by the stuff their partners bring up during therapy.

Engler says that although people's nervousness is definitely heightened when they come in for sex therapy, the relief and relaxation they feel almost immediately is tangible.

Or maybe your partner feels like it's your thing to deal with.

Regardless, sex therapy works better for couples when both people participate.

So to find out more, Buzz Feed Health talked to four licensed sex therapists: Brandy Engler, Psy. It's actually a type of psychotherapy that can treat sexual and relationship issues from a biopsychosocial perspective."If you're in a relationship, a sexual problem is really a relational issue and so much more can happen if both people are involved," says Kerner.That said, you don't need to worry about your therapist going behind your back to ambush you.It's usually problem-focused, where a therapist considers all the factors that might be at play in a situation."Sex therapy is understanding what the root of the problem is," says Fleming. Engler has seen patients who want to address patterns in their sex lives — like feeling numb during hookups, losing interest after they have sex with someone, or feeling like they can't comfortably give or receive love.

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Fleming agrees: "I feel a palpable difference from when they walk in to when it ends.