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Figure 3 User Presence Change In the snooper trace this what it would look like Presence subscription is activity done by the Lync user who wants updated presence of another user.

Presence Publication is an activity done by Lync user to update own presence to the other users.

Presence expresses the availability and willingness of a user to join a conversation by using a SIP client such as Microsoft Lync 2010 or Lync 2013.

There are two main activities involved in presence: Let look at each of the two activity in detail.

For a persistent subscription, the Lync Server pushes the publication down to the subscribers by sending them a NOTIFY or BENOTIFY request containing the presence data is created, modified, or removed.

I have confirmed her settings with mine, even reloaded her local copy of the Lync.

I've looked through Outlook too, to see if there is a setting missed.

Looking at the Event Viewer I found several errors from "LS User Services" Event ID 3208.

Event ID 32042 was complaining about not trusting the other FEs certificate, which was very odd has nothing had changed in a long time.

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Figure 1 : Presence subscription In the snooper trace this what it would look like The question here is how the Lync server does some to know of a user’s presence?

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