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From previous experience I knew it would take about 3 hours for the ice to melt and allow the key ring to slip off. A pair of linked leather cuffs were done up on each ankle and locked in place.

These were followed by another set of cuffs just below my knees and another set on my thighs.

It clung tightly to my new boobs and supported their weight.

I then rolled my black opaque thigh high stockings up my legs, which were fastened to the garters on the basque.

Before dating her I would often spend weekends in my apartment dressed as a woman.

Her face was red and her eyes were wide as she looked me up and down. I realized in my early 20's that I liked crossdressing and bondage.This is my first time writing so expect there to be a few mistakes. A million questions ran through my mind in the space of what was probably only a few seconds. Unfortunately, the only week I was able to take it fell at the same time my wife had a trip planned with some girlfriends from work.Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it. She would be gone on a cruise for 10 days and I'd have the house to myself. All characters are willing participants in all activities and similarities between other fictional characters is unintentional.I hope you enjoy the story and welcome all feedback. I had a week's worth of vacation left over that I was being forced to take as I couldn't carry it into the new year.

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I didn't want to hide it from her, but I also didn't want to risk losing her.