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NT was given key of Columbia city and was Mayor for one day as a token of respect.

Only other Indian to receive such respect was Nehru.

In all the above mentioned cases it was our Madurai which went on to reach the coveted land marks. Iru Dhruvam was the first movie of 1971 but what Raghavendran is mentioning is on April 14th of 1971, 5 movies were running and by that time Iru Dhruvam released on 14th Jan (Pongal) had been shifted. The Fans went to the headquarters of Akila Indhiya Sivaji Mandram situated at Teynampet Congress building and from there went to Pantheon Road Sujatha Cine Arts office but Balajee was not willing to postpone. He simply said he cannot ask the producer to postpone because he has invested a lot of money.

PP celebrated 182 days, VM 200 days and RER had a 100 day run in the releasing centres of Madurai city. NT added that any movie if it attracts audience would run irrespective of the gap.

PP celebrated 182 days, VM 200 days and RER had a 100 day run in the releasing centres of Madurai city. In 1977 on Pongal day, Avan Oru Charithiram was released and within 2,3 days came the paper advertisement that Dheepam would be released on 26th Jan, hardly 10 days gap.(மார்ச் 4ல் 'தியாகம்' வெளியான அன்றே மார்ச் 18ல் 'என்னைப்போல ஒருவன் ரிலீஸ் என்று முழுப்பக்க விளம்பரம் வந்தது.அதே போல 14 நாள் இடைவெளியில் 'என்னைப்போல ஒருவன்' தேவி பாரடைஸ், அகஸ்தியா, முரளிகிருஷ்ணாவில் வெளியானது).To cut a long story short, Dheepam was released on 26th and became a big hit while AOS failed to make it.நீங்கள் சொன்னது போல, சாந்தி, கிரௌன், புவனேஸ்வரியில் 'அண்ணன் ஒரு கோயில்' 114 நாட்கள் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருந்தபோது, 'தியாகம்' படம் வெளியிடப் படுவதற்காக 'அண்ணன் ஒரு கோயில்' தூக்கப்பட்டது.

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As I had mentioned earlier (which Groucho had also pointed out) it was long in the making. Though historical in nature, actor Venkatraman would be wearing specs(! APN always had fascination for NT- Savithri pair and it happened here also.

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