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Dugdale's theory and the stories of the Parentalia is equally satisfactory. During his six years' travels, he had seen, as he remarks, four Popes. The more ardent Churchmen, however, could not find it in their hearts to forgive him for subordinat- ing his zeal for their tenets to his love for his books. Rawlinson occupied a top 1 History of Freemasonry , by E. Richard Rawlinson lived on a scale of personal expenditure far beneath his means. Gould, though, when our learned brother wrote, neither the course of the Acception nor the dates of Rawlinson's career had been marked out as clearly as now. He served the office of Grand Steward in 1734, an office that demanded both goodwill and good fellowship, for it meant personal trouble and expense. piargate : Printed at " Keble's Gazette" Office mdcccxcviii. 11 The whole question of Sir Christopher Wren's connection with the Craft, and of his utterances on the subject, hare been discussed at great length by our erudite Bro. His argument has demolished the alleged Grand Mastership of Sir Christopher Wren, and his treatment of Sir Win. The Universities of Utrecht, Leyden, Pavia and Padua incorporated him. A striking episode in his career is that, though he passed to the world as a layman, he was not only in Holy Orders, but actually a Bishop amongst the non-jurors. Rawlinson attributed the epitaph to a brother non-juring bishop, and thought it worth while to vindicate himself in a dignified reply still to be read in his own sprawling handwriting, among his personal MSS. 1 In order to command larger sums for the increase of his collections, Dr. 2 The next certain date in Rawlinson's career as a Freemason is supplied by an engraved form of Summons presented by him to the " Lodge held at the Sash and Cocoa Tree, Moore Fields." The Latin inscription gives the date : — In Latomorum usum D~ono^D[at] R_icardus] R Rawlinson] LL. And a finely engraved plate it is, quite worthy of the school of engraving that included Pine and the Coles. John Lane have shown that the List of Lodges, till now attributed to Rawlinson, was compiled about 1 733-4. Rawlinson belonged to three other Lodges, besides the Sash and Cocoa Tree. Paul's Head Lodge ; sixty-seventh in the Barbican Lodge, and second in the Oxford University Arms Lodge. Something more than the silence of contemporaries who might have known, or who ought to have known, or who even must have known, is required to invalidate Aubrey's clear report. His testimony is unexceptionable on the points of honesty of purpose, habitual veracity and adequate means of knowledge. was revised by himself, and the particular para- graph was remodelled, as will be seen from the version quoted by Mr. If he had seen any reason to correct the statement, he had an opportunity of doing so. was submitted to, and annotated by Ray, Evelyn, and Tanner, men conversant with Wren and his associates. His reputation for learning and ability was such that the Royal Society elected him a Fellow in 1714, and his University conferred on him, while making the Grand Tour in 1719, the degree of D. Nichols' Literary Anecdotes and books of the type of Dibdin's Bibliomania are filled with anecdotes that mark a sparing expenditure on his household, and an unstinted expenditure on his library, but uever convict him of real meanness or unkindness. Rawlinson is long and ponderous ; not the less ponderous because it includes antiquarian works by Ashmole and Aubrey. On the other hand, we shall violate no probability by putting Rawlinson's initiation somewhere after his return, in 1726, from his sis years' travel on the Continent. 1, 1735," the purchase, for two shillings, of a copy of William Smith's Freemason's Rocket Companion. Towl which we quote at length further on, shows Dr. But when that argument is extended to exclude the possibility of Wren's Acception, it becomes inconclusive. But the Popes did not see much of him, for it was cast up to him that he eschewed the polite society of Courts. This economy exposed him to many a jibe from hungry wits who would fain have been fed by him. Rawlinson being initiated before 1726 was long ago pointed out by Bro. Though Rawlinson, Martin Clare and Desaguliers were all admitted Fellows of the Royal Society at the same meeting, in 1714, yet there is no evidence that any one of the three became a Freemason till well after 1717. tr ~ In the Notebook 4 already quoted, he enters among " Notes of expences to Dec. ^2* "^■Jyu Jli^fl ^ Jyis"^— uatuor t&oronai being the TRANSACTIONS of the QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE, NO. And every new point, as it arises, increases the likelihood of Sir Christopher's membership of that body. The former, though provoking in his life-time the levity of the smaller fry of literature, has secured a niche in the Temple of Fame by enriching the Bodleian library with collections worthy of Sir Thomas Bodley himself. Richard Rawlinsou's life vied in eccentricity, if not in vicissitude, with the lives of Ashmole and Aubrey. S., he was sent to Eton and Oxford by his father, Sir Thos. In his life-time, hardly a year had passed without his presenting some rare and valuable gift to his Alma Mater. collections came to the University in overpowering bulk : " Collections formed abroad, and at home, the choice of book auction, the pickings of chandlers' and grocers' waste paper, everything, especially in the shape of MSS., from early copies of Classics and Fathers, to the well nigh most recent logbooks of sailors' voyages." The Library was overwhelmed. 136, it was natural to correlate his zeal as a Freemason with his activity as a collector of Masonic items. Thomas Towl, of the Barbican Lodge, was really the compiler, we shall have to go upon other grounds. The family character is apparent in Thomas Rawlinson's writing, which is very similar. Richard Rawlinson usually signed with his initials separated by a cross : R R. More, much more, is now known about the course of the Acception. The latter attained a doubt- ful immortality through being satirised in the Tatter as Tom Folio. Here he was in process of being crowded out again by the growth of his collections, when he died in 1755, having left to his University bequests that have not been excelled before or since his time. 1 The earliest of these, recorded in Rawlinson's unmistakable hand, is St. The accounts of the Rose Lodge (formerly the Barbican) show that Bro. As the By-Laws provided for half-yearly election of officers, he had gone into the Chair on the previous St. Mary's Chapell, & elected Car 3 Hamilton Gordon Grand Master Edinb." 1 Autograph Xotelool; Bawl. to have been connected with the Craft, that we should be justified in feeling the liveliest surprise if it should be shown that the fact was otherwise. is mainly due to our own contemporary still in office at the Library, the Rev. Not the least singular was his bequest of his heart to his College, where it is still preserved. Admitting Aubrey's testimony, we find the probability turned into such a certainty as actuates men in the conduct of their daily life. The witness and his testimony are such as the Court must admit.

1 The other pages are completely blank where the members' names ought to appear. 222, in 1821, and eventually came to an end in 1854. But there were two institutions, with which he is never recorded to have quarrelled ; the University and the Craft. He quarrelled with the non-juring clergy, to whom he was attached by ties as close as they were secret. Rawlinson is reproduced from the rare engraving by Vander Gucht, the original of which seems to have been inserted by Dr. 136 " is in form a stout folio (12| inches by 8 inches), and is lettered " Collections relating to Freemasonry." Its present binding is in light brown half-calf, of about the year 1850, when many of Dr. As you preserve all relating to the Subject of Masonry T send yon this from M r . The collection ranges from 1724 to 1746, the more important items being of dates between 17.

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The reproduction of the Pocket Companion in Fasciculus II. It goes on to say, " You are desir'd to chuse a Grand Master and other Grand Officers and to Dine.