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Tuali seks

Such differences have occurred repeatedly in dealing with other languages of Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. The people of Teita ca U it jofi, wltereas the Wasua Jtili and the Wanika like the tembo or uji obtainedfrom the cocoa-nut tree.

It is natural that each author should desire to have his own views carried out. In regard to the preparation of pombo the nativestcould talk in tltis way : Watu ana-u-weka mtama majini hatta ku mea, hatta uklsha m6a, waka-u-ponda, wakisha-u-ponda wakatuja, wa- kisha tuja wakatia mitungini ikaketi katiri ya siku kumi hatta kua kali.

Maintain attribution Thc Googlc "watcrniark" you scc on cach lilc is csscntial for inforiiiiiig pcoplc about this projcct and hclping thcm lind additional mat L-rials ihrough Googk' ISook Scarch. Do not assumc that just bccausc wc bclicvc a bi Kk is in thc public domain for uscrs in thc Unitcd Statcs.

that thc work is also in thc public domain for uscrs in othcr L'ounlri L's.

Here Major Hamerton kindly introduced me to the Sultan Said- Said, to whom I mentioned the object of my coming to East Africa, and my desire to settle at Mombas.

optical charactcr rccognition or othcr arcas whcrc acccss to a largc aniount of tc.\t is hclpful. Wc cncouragc thc uscofpublic domain matcrials for thcsc purposcs and may bc ablc to hclp. rcmcmbcr that you arc rcsponsiblc for cnsuring that what you arc doing is lcgal. We passed Cape Guardafui, Ras Hafoon, Worsheikh, Mukdispa, Marka, and Barawa, and on Christmas Eve anchored in the estuary of the river Jub. ma — ), Iteaps of rubbish, weed, wootl, grass, leaves, and other kinds of refuse in a plantation (cfr. yji or .0 , condimentum ollao, aromata, d-c), a sma U seed (cummin seed ? Bizari, pilpili, and mandano constitute tlte chief parts of the curry powder. The next day we reached the island of Kiama, where I had the very great pleasure of meeting with the Gallas of the tribe Dado. Consul at that place, I should have decided to stay at Kiama and attempt a Mission among the Gallas on the main land. muaka), which are bumt when the muaka is approaching. A public domain book is onc that was ncvcr subjccl to copyrighl or whosc lcgal copyrighl tcrni has c.\pircd. culturc and knowlcdgc that's oftcn dillicult to discovcr. notations and othcr riiarginalia prcscnt in thc original volumc will appcar in this lilc - a rcmindcr of this book's long journcy from thc publishcr to a library and linally to you. wc havc takcn stcps to prcvcnt abusc by coninicrcial parlics. ma — ); bomu la gogo, t Jie sound of t Jie long trunk-Iikedruin formerly called msondo (whic Jt see). Whcthcr abook is in thc public dornairi rnay vary country tocountry. Usage guidelines Googlc is proud to partncr with librari L's U digili/L' public doiiiain mal L'rials and niak L' llu'in widcly acccssiblc. iiic Ilic Iiiilj placiiig: lcclmical r L'strictions 011 automatcd qucrying.

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Googlc Book Scarch hclps rcadcrs discov L'r lli L' world's books wlulc liclpinjj anlliors aiid publisli L'rs ivach iil'w audi L'iic L's. com/| A DICTIONARY OF THE SUAHILI LANGUAGE BALLANTYNB, HAN&ON ANO CO., BDINBURGH CMANDOS STRBST, LONDON * •• '• • • • - • • V 1 A DICTION ARY OF THE SUAHILI LANGUAGE COMPILED BY THE REV. In 1879, the Committee of the Church Missionary Society put forth a circular inviting subscriptions to a Dictionary of the Suahili Language, which their honoured and aged missionary, Dr. (or boji, *.), a kind of liquor which has various names and is prepared from various substances.

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