Weird chat room kenya

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Weird chat room kenya

Their study proved that virtually anyone can be trained to use and strengthen their ESP.

Many of their early studies were done with self proclaimed psychics.

I looked outside the window and found no one was there…I know I have never imagined these things and everywhere I moved there's always something following.

It usually lasts for a couple of minutes/seconds, although to the person experiencing this, it can feel like a really long time. Then in November, I've also had a few friends and family deaths since. I feel like i have somebody with me all the time even when am home alone like I am 6 out of 7 days of the week..

The number of people who feel absolutely nothing in the presence of strong paranormal activity is very, very small—however, factors such as your physical health, your mental and emotional state, your intelligence/awareness, and your belief system could all play a role in how you respond. There have been many scientific studies done on Extra Sensory Perception, which seems to be the ability used when sensing a spirit or haunting.

Michelle is right on the money when she says everyone can sense spirits to a certain extent.

I get cold numbing feelings, shivers , goosebumps and just major tingely feelings all over, but the coldness is surreal it really does NUMB my whole body.

At night, I tend to feel someone with me, once I taught felt something touch my hand where I was holding the remote of my telly, and every night (could be just a breeze or enything) my door creaks open the slightest.

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I had a case when I felt someone touch me on the back.

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